ZOI is a mobile application created specifically for fraternities. New to a university and don’t know which fraternity is right for you? Public users can select their school and browse through the various fraternity profiles at their university. Are you a brother and don’t see your fraternity on ZOI?  It can easily be registered through the app and added once approved in order to keep ZOI legitimate. Once the fraternity is approved, the user will become an admin and have access to all features, such as creating and editing his fraternity’s profile, direct and group messaging, event calendar, announcement page, and others. Brothers must be invited via email, so there is no need to worry about your fraternity’s personal information being exposed.


Howit works

  • A brother must register their fraternity on the app to have it added to the server.
  • We will approve the registration request upon confirming legitimacy.
  • Once approved, the same brother will receive an email with the access code.
  • His fraternity becomes active once he enters the access code.
  • He will then be able to use all the features and invite brothers through email.
First Showcase

Featuresand interface

  • Create profiles to attract new members
  • create groupchats with your brothers
  • Business-related posts that everyone will see instantly
  • your social event reminder
Create profiles to attract new memberscreate groupchats with your brothersBusiness-related posts that everyone will see instantlyyour social event reminder